Let's make something great together!

Call on me and I'm by your side. Together we start the company you have in mind. A blue print for a successful future and a fiscal touch from the start. 

Meet the Team


Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

Nathalie De Bast

The administrative flow goes directly through me."


I stay attached with the Bulgarian banks and lawyers


Driven to assist in the preparation of your documents.

What set us apart

We bring under one roof a full range of professional services like:

Аccounting & Tax services

We are a group of incredible people dedicating their time to provide tax and accounting services.

Business plan 

We can converting your idea on paper.

Establish a company

Do you need legal advice and consultancy regarding company formation and registration?


We offer professional translations and legalization services


We offer the possibility to establish your company at our address.


We also offer access to the job market in Bulgaria.

Who am I? 

  • Master in the perception of company foundations.

    Graduated from the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in accountancy taxation. Graduated as master in commercial sciences with option accountancy taxation at KU Leuven. Graduated as a postgraduate in tax sciences from the Fiscale Hogeschool in Brussels.

    Officially certified accountant-tax consultant since 2020. I am only waiting for the swearing in at the corporate court (Damn Corona!).


  • Vincent's  wife. Administrative wonder and specialist in business accounting.

    Bachelor of Marketing.
    Master of Business Administration, Accountancy Tax option.
    Postgraduate degree in Tax Sciences.
    Bookkeeper-tax specialist intern.

    Hopefully I can start the final exam of accountant-tax specialist soon. I have achieved one for the title of auditor!

    Nathalie The Bast

My short story

I don't see myself writing books. Acts of incorporation, however, do.
After all, a deed of incorporation is at the core of another person's business life. It is an honor to be able to assist in this as a certified accountant-tax consultant.

From the age of 9 I wanted to practice the same profession of my father: certified accountant. At 29 years old I look back on years full of challenges. I am now at the cradle of some 200 new legal entities. This quite a lot. And yes, I now have the title of certified accountant.
Several have made the choice to use our services to date for accounting and tax obligations. That is always nice, but absolutely no obligation.

The passion for international laxation also extends this to other counties within the European union. For example, my wife is active in Bulgaria in the Sofia region. Together we run a network for entrepreneurs for administrative cost savings. 

Car Guy

I am not quick to tell about myself. You do hear me tell you how I can advise on perfecting your company. I turned my hobby into a profession (tax & economics).

Should I tell you something about myself, it is my passion for everything related to cars and motorcycles. Motor racing is therefore my guilty pleasure. Nothing gives more energy than pushing the accelerator fully on a circuit. Rallies are also great fun, mainly from different countries.

Daily Activities

Director Masters Accountants

Director Masters Management

Founder sole trader Vincent Meesters

Name of the company and extention

NAME strives to help you achieve your dreams. 
We are here to put your ideas in action. Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, NAME is here to draw the necessary steps and guide you through them.
The services we provide are developed for you and are based on experience in creating subsidiaries and branches in Bulgaria. 

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