Why Bulgaria?

Bulgaria have some perks to offer, one of them is the geographical location. Bulgaria is on a crossroad that connects Western and Northern Europe with the Eastern, Southern part of the continent and have a connection with Asia. Bulgaria is part of the European Union, which provides access to one of the biggest markets in the World. Other perk that Bulgaria have to offer is the low corporate income tax in the EU (which is 10%), for manufacturing companies in areas with high unemployment the tax may get lower (to a minimum of 0%). Whit that being said, there is one more perk worth mentioning, a key advantage of the country is the wide and talented pool of specialists. The labour force in Bulgaria is highly qualified and multilingual, most common specialists are within the IT, engineering and economics sphere. The actual advantage is the labour cost, which is influenced from couple of factors, the first one is the lower standard of life compared to the average of a country from the EU. Other key factor is that even tough Bulgaria have its own currency (Lev), it is with a constant fix to EURO (1EURO = 1.95583Lev).  When it comes to perks the real estate prices can’t neglected. Bulgaria have to offer some of the cheapest rents and offices for sale within the EU, as the real estate market in Bulgaria grows on a daily basis we won’t be able to offer you the exact pricing, but you could always check the live information live.

What set us apart

Lowest fees withing EU, which include, but are not limited to:

Setup fees;
Required founding capital;
Corporate and Personal income tax (10% flat rate);
Social security contributions;
The VAT within EU is 0%.

Also worth noting:

Reduced tax for investments in certain sectors;
Affordable accounting and legal services;
Low employ costs;
Double Taxation treaties with 70+ countries;
Low rental costs

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