Bulgarian AD 

Joint Stock Company
This type of business structure is an commonly
utilized type of business organization. It's preferred due to the lack of legal limitations on the transfer of shares, and also because the absence of individual engagement of the shareholders within the procedure of the business.


A joint-stock company is a great legal form of business development, if you are planning to have 2 or more owners. This is because through shares, it is much better to settle the rights and obligations of the shareholders.

The initial capital needed for establishment of a Bulgarian AD is BGN 50,000, which is around EUR 25,000. It should be distributed in shares with a nominal value of not less than BGN 1 each. At the time of unification of the company at the very least 25% (12 500 lv.) of the nominal value (initial capital) must be paid, as a condition criterion for such consolidation. The rest of overall quantity of the capital can be paid in within two years. Similarly to the LLC, the investors can make both money and in-kind contributions.



We offer the possibility to establish your company at our address. This offers the opportunity to contact a Dutch-speaking person who will also send your documents by mail on a daily basis.

Translation of statuses

We provide the translated documents at a fixed price. If a foreign parent company becomes the shareholder, we will translate your articles of association.


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We also offer access to the job market in Bulgaria. Our contact person will explain to you to find the suitable profiles. In no time you have found the right people.


If at explicit request, we can take care of the management of your team of Bulgarian employees. This is something that is only considered if the employees perform functions from Sofia (eg IT, administration, etc).


After the establishment, we can help you with the accounting and tax obligations. The cost of this is related to the type of activity and the number of transactions of your company.

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