Bulgaria is the most interesting country within the European Union for entrepreneurs.


Lowest fees withing the EU


Low rental costs


Low employ costs combined with high quality


Reduced tax for investments in certain sectors

What Makes Bulgaria Unique?

Pay less taxes, attract trained personnel, pay very little labor costs.


The corporate tax is only 10%. This is the lowest rate within the European Union.  


Only 5% withholding tax is withheld from the distribution of dividends.


Employees with academic skills can easily be recruited.  

Reduced price

Products and services are on average half cheaper than in the Eurozone (€). 


In Sofia, you can take the ski lift upstairs and discover the breathtaking view of the city. Feel like skiing? 


In Sofia you can easily visit several giant shopping centers. Nice for the female entrepreneurs.

Real Estate

You can make good bargains on the Bulgarian real estate market. You can also rent a house through Airbnb. 

Car Lovers

Would you like to register a vehicle? The maximum cost for the tax traffic counts is 150 euros. The annual traffic tax 25-75 euros.


There are several co-working areas in Sofia. You can easily work remotely in places like Betahouse or SOHO. 

Why Bulgaria

With the development opportunities that 21st century has to offer, the companies can benefit from reallocating or adding a new branch to another country. The benefits can include reduce production cost, reduce staffing, access another market, etc. Such an endeavor is now easily accessible to small and medium enterprises not only to the big entities.
One great choice for a stable business environment with low expenditures is Bulgaria. Setting up a company in Bulgaria have its perks, which include flat tax - 10%, VAT within EU is 0%, the lowest set up fees within the EU, lowest tax in Dividends within the EU - 5%, and many more depending on the structure type of the business entity. The Bulgarian Constitution dictates that all foreign entities or individuals that conduct economical activities within the country have equal rights as the natives. Foreign investors have the same rights and can use the same assistance and privileges as the local investors. Key to note is that The Republic of Bulgaria have bilateral contracts with 60+ countries which include Belgium. If a foreign investor is in dispute with Republic of Bulgaria, the dispute is brought before the World Bank’s international center for settlement of investment disputes.
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